Empowering thoughtful entrepreneurs through design, tech + travel.







Empower thoughtful entrepreneurs through design, tech + travel.

nomad exists to

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Visually storytell in a way that isn't just pretty for the hell of it - but strategic. Gain brand recognition from a mile away.
Let the visuals do the work for you.

brand identity

This is how you visually distinguish your brand from the rest of your market in a way that's distinct yet appealing to your customer. From brand name, to logo, typography, and collateral. This isn't just about fun colors and imagery (although it is fun), it's about taking the best parts of who you are and presenting them in a simple discernible package.

Every notable brand has a consistent look + feel that is uniquely crafted for instant brand recognition. A solid brand identity speaks to the credibility of a business is the first thing your customers assess before reading a single line of text. Great brand identities speak for themselves and are essential in a visually oversaturated market.

what is a brand identity?

why identity is important?

how it works





To jumpstart our visual story-telling, we begin with a client questionnaire that explores your brand's passion, purpose, and ideal client/audience. This makes sure we're telling the right story before we design.

aesthetic research

Next, I'll learn what you're drawn to visually by exploring typography, color theory, iconography, and illustration. I'll peice together a moodboard that exudes your look + feel to review during our mid-project checkpoint. 

design + refine

Lastly, I'll use all the strategic info and inspo gathered to develop an identity concept. After refinement, I'll present your primary/ secondary logos, logo architecture, logo errors, font system, and color palette.

estimated timeline:

3 - 4 Weeks

avg. investment:


(Payment plans available)