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Empower thoughtful entrepreneurs through design, tech + travel.

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Many startups talk about themselves, who they are and what they do. But here's the thing: Customers want to know why they matter and in turn why you should matter to them. Branding is undoubtedly, one of the cornerstones of a successful business. However, most businesses focus on the 'HOW' instead of identifying the 'WHY'.  An effective strategy sets you apart from the crowd, tells a unique story of your brand, attracts your ideal clients, all while... staying true to who you are. 

mental clarity on your unique value proposition

BUILD authentically.

a clear definition of your core offering/service

a strategic foundation for your brand idenitity

a deeper understanding of your 'why'

Whether you recently started a business or need to better define an existing one, this guide is a resource designed to give you:

This workbook covers 3 primary themes around you, your people, and your brand. Each section contains a series of guided introspective questions along with explanations on how to appropriately consider their answers. Close out each part with a recap and summary exercise before progressing to the next stage of research.

Starting a business is ALREADY inherently risky and it's no one's goal to build a brand that doesn't create lasting value for either you OR your ideal clients. Don't spend countless hours working tirelessly on websites/apps, shelling out money for developers, and spreading the word on social media without a solid strategic foundation to stand on. Brand + Build with Passion + Purpose.

what's inside?

1: an intention + how to maximize the guide
2: getting to know who you really are
3: recap + swot analysis exercise
4: Discovering what matters to your people
5: recap + empathy mapping exercise
6: defining your brand
7: recap + value diagram exercise

Table of Contents

tell the right story.

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set the mission, vision, and purpose... from the inside out.
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